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Indoor plant factory
The ZDHP601 is an intelligent planting device that provides suitable light and nutrients for crops to thrive in an artificially controlled environment.
Scope and object of application
Applicable model: ZDHP601 series
End users, service personnel.
Please read it in detail to learn about its functions in order to make the device work reliably long term and grow healthy crops for you.

Product introduction
ZDHP601 is an intelligent planting equipment, it provides suitable illumination and nutrition for crops, so that crops thrive in an artificially controlled environment.
According to your different crops, can set up multiple light supplement strategy, delamination, time-sharing to crop up in the light, the user can by setting the parameter to control the composition of the spectrum, so that we can be layered plant crops on the same equipment, and give them different light quality and light supplement strategy, as the change of crop varieties and the change of the growth stage, dynamically adjust the fill light formula, make the light always can promote the growth of the crops.
Through the supporting APP, the operation parameters of the device are set and viewed.
Through the APP, the user can input and modify the required parameters quickly through the intuitive operation. Once the parameter configuration is completed, there is no need for the connection between APP and the device, nor for the APP to continue running.
Multiple users can connect to the device through the APP, read the same data, so that they can control the area they manage, without the need for synchronization between the APP.
The lamp adopts intelligent constant-current drive. Compared with the common constant-pressure drive, it can adjust the stepless brightness and improve the efficiency by 30%.
Lamps and lanterns used the low voltage of 48V, safe to human body, even in moist environment, still can give the user reliable safety assurance.
The height between layers of ZDHP601 can be adjusted by adjusting the height between layers to adapt to plants of different heights.
In commercial application, through the collocation of different storey height, can create better visual effect.
The ZDHP601 is dismountable design, dismountable transportation, and assembled when used, saving 45% of the transportation space, while the assembled product still maintains sufficient rigidity.
Its structural part is mainly composed of aluminum and iron, while ensuring enough mechanical strength, but also control the weight of the whole machine, the surface is treated by spraying process, forming a dense protective layer, make the product durable;
The electronic board of ZDHP601 is designed and produced to industrial standard, and has three protection treatments, making it reliable in harsh environments for a long time.
The electronic board card is connected by bus structure, and all the board cards are connected by one bus. The assembly is easy to operate and the correctness can be guaranteed.

Product features
One model, dynamically adjusted output, suitable for planting a variety of crops;
The light quality and intensity can be adjusted intelligently, changing at any time, simulating the sunrise and sunset, all the year round;
Modular design, bus connection, flexible expansion ability, storey height on demand;
Any group at any time, the group is independent and controllable, using independent growth formula;
Each group can be divided into time control;
Independent light output can be set for each time period;
APP code scanning control, straightforward, improve efficiency;
Intelligent water circulation, overflow prevention, water shortage prevention;
Simple disassembly design can adjust the combination mode according to the needs of crops;
Long life design, uninterrupted service life of more than 6 years;
Universal voltage adaptability, can be used in any country.

Application field
Home balcony, kitchen gardening, provide healthy food materials, fresh oxygen, beautiful living environment;
In the office, real green plants are full of vitality and energy, helping to reduce pressure, beautify the working environment and improve work efficiency;
Commercial places, keep the exuberant vitality of green plants, create a good leisure, shopping environment;
In the field of education, intuitively explore the mysteries of life;
In the field of scientific research, ZDHP601 provides a powerful and precise control method for each output parameter, and can reach 500 mol/m²/s photosynthetic quantum flux density at the planting reference surface, which can meet the needs of exploration and research of light quality and intensity of various crops.
Commercial plant factories, urban gardens.

Functional objectives and implementation principles
"Different crops need different light at different growth stages", this conclusion is a scientific consensus, ZDHP601 series is designed to achieve this goal, its output of light is divided into time to control, can simulate the change of natural light;
ZDHP601 through a set of intermittent liquid control part of the work cycle, water to the crop roots and containing a nutrition during the non-working liquid from the tank vent, exposed to the air, the roots of crops have the chance to fully absorb the oxygen, the water in the tank by the first layer into the tidal, step by step a cycle after the fifth floor drain in the sink to the bottom box, complete water cycle at the same time, make the air to exchange, oxygen-rich air into the tank.
ZDHP601 is composed of a master control board card and several board cards with special functions. They exchange digital information through the bus to complete the functions of data acquisition, operation and control. The whole machine is connected between all boards and cards by a 4-core cable.

Electrical performance parameter
Input voltage: 110VAC / 220VAC, 50Hz/60Hz;
Input current: Max. 4A(110VAC input);
Power consumption: 1 ~ 300W;

Optical performance parameter
Red wavelength: 665nm;
Blue wavelength: 445nm;
Full spectrum;
Electro-optical conversion efficiency: about 38%;
The light intensity of each layer can be adjusted independently;
The light intensity of each channel can be adjusted independently;
Red light can reach 25W, 172 mol/m²/s, blue light and full spectrum can reach 33.4W, 230 mol/m²/s (all above refer to each layer).
Light quality ratio: any combination of three spectra.

Structural performance parameter
Body material: aluminum +PC+ iron;
Packing volume: 0.32m3;
Expanded volume: 0.56m3;
Body size: L*W*H = 800mm*400mm*1754mm;
Number of layers: 5, 24*5=120 planting sites;
Total planting area: 1.6m2;
Floor area: 0.32m2;
Gross weight: 60kg;
Net weight: 55kg;